Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Shipping Container Housing: Why It Is the Way to Go

by Benjamin Rice

Today, shipping containers are widely used in the cargo transportation business. These large containers made of fabricated steel are used to conveniently move large shipments from one location to another by road, railway or sea. But shipping containers have gained another use as dwellings in recent years and there are numerous advantages associated with this new trend. Here are a number of essential benefits associated with shipping container houses:


One thing that many people consider when building a new home is how long the structure can last. Of course, everyone wants a durable home using the available budget. Shipping containers make very strong houses. The modular and sturdy design of these containers allows them to withstand the damaging effects of harsh climatic conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. This makes them a durable option for home construction thanks to welding technologies used to build it up. The steel material used to build shipping container homes also offers remarkable protection against fire, mould and termite damage.


The cost of home construction has been escalating over the years and many potential homeowners are continually looking for affordable ways of owning a home. As compared to building a house bottom-up using traditional material such as wood, brick and cement, shipping container homes come relatively cheaply. As it also takes a short duration of time to set up a shipping container home, construction labour costs are significantly reduced.  

Environmental friendly

Shipping containers abandoned in ports, warehouses or loading bays are an environmental risk. Aside from looking unsightly, it would require a lot of energy to recycle them. In order to save energy required to melt down unwanted shipping containers, it is better to put the containers into alternative use, and turning them into houses is a great idea.


As they are originally built for transport, it is possible to move a shipping container house anywhere you want. This means that you can change the location of your house whenever you want by hiring a crane or any other heavy lifting equipment. And, when you need to move interstate, you can use a large rental truck to transport your container to the new residence.

As the above-elaborated points indicate, there are lots of advantages attributed to shipping container housing. Before you can embark on a shipping container home-construction project, make sure see the stock of containers your local container supplier has to offer.


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