Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

3 Fun Personalized Wine Box Ideas to Explore for your Next Gift

by Benjamin Rice

Wine is a popular choice of gift for many occasions: house-warmings, weddings, anniversaries, employer-employee appreciation and Father's Day among others. Accompanying the gift with a personalized wine-box takes it a step further by giving you a thought-out package that your loved one(s) will treasure long after the wine has been drunk. Match your wine gift with an intricately-designed, custom made boxes following these creative ideas:

1. Laser-engraved horizontal and vertical wine boxes

Horizontal wine-boxes are stylish options that you can customize. The layout of your personalized design and message is changed according to the orientation of the bottle. The design is imprinted on the material prior to assembly. Engraved boxes are commonly made of different kinds of wood, from bamboo and light-coloured softwoods to solid, sturdy hardwoods engraved using laser beams. You can choose between polishing for a glossy finish, having a matte finish or leaving it unfinished to give that 'original old winery box' feel.

2. Wild 3D-graphic imprints

You can take customization a notch higher by having a 3-dimensional designs carved out onto the wine-box. There's no limit to what you can do with such boxes: cut only or use cutting and engraving to create unique meaningful images that will steal the recipient's heart. For this, you will need the input of a graphic designer to tastefully translate your idea into a design that can be imprinted on solid medium. Vertical wine-boxes typically render 3D designs better. You can create a gift pattern: give a different but themed boxes to your loved ones every year e.g. for anniversaries. Come up with creative ideas so that they will always look forward to seeing what you come up with for the following year. Companies can also create 3D imprints of the company logo for gifts to employees/partners.

3. Double-duty gift boxes

Take your gift further by ordering a dual-purpose box which will be useful to the recipient after they take out the wine. Sure, it's okay to create a wine-box they can have on their nightstand or other prominent place in the house, but wouldn't it be better if they could actually do something with it afterwards? This is also a good step towards going green.

For instance, you can talk to your custom manufacturers about creating an LED-lit box – it has your personalized design engraved on each side, with the lights installed at the bottom or around the box. Turning on the lights creates a cosy atmosphere the recipient can enjoy whenever they want.

Another idea is creating a larger wine-box (e.g. two-bottle boxes) such that it can be converted into a bird-house: it would have two holes on the lid, a spacer down the middle to create two compartments and hanging holes on the back surface. Once the wines are taken out, the top surfaces can be reconstructed to form a traditional roof, and the bird-house hung out on your porch for posterity. Such wine-boxes must be built from strong wood and finished appropriately to withstand long-term exposure to the elements.


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