Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

How to Make a Metal Roof Even More Eco-Friendly

by Benjamin Rice

Metal roofs that use metal sheeting from a place like Advanced Sheetmetal are considered very eco-friendly. They last for many decades so they produce less waste over the lifetime of a home than other forms of roofing materials, and metal is easy to recycle. They're also not made with a petroleum base as are asphalt shingles, so the production of metal is much less harmful on the environment. You can make a metal roof even more eco-friendly by changing it up just slightly; note a few options you might have for the most environmentally conscious metal roof, and see if your contractor can accommodate these choices.

Avoid a tear-off

A metal roof is lighter than most homeowners realize. Because of its weight and because it's applied in long sheets or sections, it can usually be put right over your current roofing materials. A contractor would need to simply bend the edges of the roof around the ends and corners of the roof and then bolt the roof into place. This can help avoid a tear-off, so there is less waste from your old roof that needs to be put in a landfill.

If you do need to have your old roof torn off, be sure to ask if they can recycle the shingles. If the roofer won't do that, call around to different recycling centres yourself. They may send a truck or you may need to arrange a trailer to bring the shingles to them, but in either case, this keeps them out of a landfill.

Cool roof

A cool roof is one that is a lighter colour or painted with a metallic paint in order to reflect the sun's rays. Darker roofs will absorb the heat from the sun and trap it in your house, potentially raising your air conditioning bills. Since sheet metal can be painted or powder coated just about any colour, ask your roofer about something in a light shade that will coordinate with your home while also keeping it cool.

Trench designs

Metal can be fabricated in just about any way imaginable, so having a metal roof means that you can design more trenches in the surface, so that you have more control over the flow of rainwater as it hits your roof. Rather than having this water run into gutters and then downspouts and then be directed to the curb, your metal roof can have trenches fabricated that will direct the water to various runoff points around the home. The water can then help water certain areas of the lawn or garden, and not be wasted.


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Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

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