Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Why the Use of PVC Strip Doors Is Prevalent in Industrial Workplaces

by Benjamin Rice

Also known as PVC strip curtains, PVC doors are fast becoming a common feature in many industrial workplaces, such as warehouses, cold storage facilities and loading docks. Many more industrial facility managers now want to learn about the perks that these doors have to offer, so as to gauge if the products are an appropriate fit for their workstations. If you are in this group of potential users, you should continue reading on, as below are some top reasons why the use of PVC strip doors in industrial buildings is growing by the day.

They are cost efficient doors.

Cost is always a thorny issue when you are contemplating buying/installing a new product. As an industrial manager, you have to carefully manage your costs or you might face financial difficulty. One of the major advantages of PVC strip doors is that they are relatively inexpensive barriers for industrial workplaces. Compared to rigid door installations, these doors are by far cheaper to buy and install. This makes them an economical option for industrial facility managers that have to work with a low budget.

They can lead to energy savings.

Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of PVC, strip doors can be used to prevent loss of heat between adjacent rooms or walls. This can reduce the need to rely on air conditioners or other space-cooling equipment that use electricity. This, in turn, results in lower electricity consumption and reduced energy costs.

If there's sufficient natural light coming into an industrial building through the door openings, the use of clear PVC strip doors can eliminate the need to keep the lights turned on during the daytime. This will also lead to savings on electricity/energy. 

They can last for long.

Another reason as to why PVC strip doors are increasingly being used in industrial buildings is because they have remarkable damage resistance. These doors will offer great resistance to chemicals, abrasion, heated/cooled air, etc. Some door types are even rated for fire and flame resistance. 

They enhance ease of mobility.

Unlike solid doors, PVC strip doors allow for easy passage through door openings. In fact, it is often almost as if the doors are not there at all — the doors simply glide or slide out of the way to allow for easy movement of people, equipment and materials/loads within the work environment. This boosts productivity at the workplace, as people do not have to waste time operating the doors.


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Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

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