Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Why your business should consider spot welding

by Benjamin Rice

How can you join together two pieces of metal? You could use a nut and bolt but that isn't always the best solution. You would have to drill a hole and then fit the nut and bolt. The problem is that it takes time to drill the hole, the nut and bolt are additional materials that need to be purchased, and the resulting joint may work loose over time.

What about welding?

If joining the pieces of metal with a nut and bolt isn't the right solution then you could try welding them. This solution will provide you with a firm joint and will use less extra material than a nut and bolt. The problem with welding is that it can be quite messy and can only really be carried out in environments especially designed for the process.

Is there a better solution?

If you don't want to use extra material or have to set up a special area for joining metal then you should consider spot welding. Spot welding is a quick solution and works with a range of metals. It can also be undertaken in almost any environment without creating any mess from flux or an open flame. Spot welding saves space in your workshop since you can use a general purpose bench for welding which you can use for other tasks when no welding is required.

How does spot welding work?

A spot weld is accomplished by pressing together two pieces of metal and positioning an electrode on each side of the intended joint. By passing an electrical current between the electrodes a joint is formed in the metal. The most significant advantage that spot welding has over other forms of welding is speed. Whereas other types of welding are quite slow, and also take considerable time to set up and tidy away spot welding can be finished in just a few seconds.

Applying spot welding to your business

Spot welding can be used successfully in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial sectors. It can work with metals of various thicknesses and the only real limitation is the size of the metal being welded. The need to place an electrode on both sides of the metal can sometimes mean that you need to use a longer electrode cable or arrange for two people to complete the weld.

Talk to your supply company today to find out how spot welding could benefit your business.


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