Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

5 Key Considerations Before Buying Pallets

by Benjamin Rice

The decision to source wooden pallets should only be made after a number of factors have been weighed and decided upon. This article discusses some of those deciding factors which will influence your pallet procurement decisions.

Product Weight

Different wooden pallets are made to support different product weights. It is therefore wise to conduct an analysis of your products so that you can specify wooden pallets which will be capable of withstanding the weight of those products during handling and transportation. For example, pallets intended to support half a tonne will vary from those intended to carry products which weigh less than quarter a tonne.

Life Expectancy

You should also think about how you intend to use those pallets once they are delivered to you. For example, does the nature of your business require reusable pallets or models which can only be used once? Pallets which are expected to endure prolonged use are constructed in a different way from those which will only be used once.

The Destination

Think about where you will be shipping your products using the supplied pallets. Commodities which will be shipped outside the country often have to be made to conform to international standards while those which will be used locally may need to meet different requirements. Select a supplier who can deliver pallets which meet the required standards of the destination of your products. For example, heat treated pallets are normally preferred for international shipping.

Equipment Compatibility

Think about how the pallets will be handled at your facility or at your product distribution outlets. Pallets which will be handled by cranes may be designed differently from those which will be moved by forklifts. Specify a pallet style or size that will move seamlessly along your material handling system.

Pallet Management Needs

Conduct some research into the different potential suppliers of wooden pallets and find out their capacity to avail pallets to your facility in the quantity you want and the time you want those pallets. It can be disruptive to your business if a supplier cannot maintain the supply of pallets. Sign contracts with a provider who will work with you to ensure that you will always have support to optimise your pallet use.

Each of the factors above may exert a different effect from one company to another. Take a hard look at your facility and find a supplier of wooden pallets who will help you to come up with a pallet design that will have a positive effect upon your manufacturing and distribution processes. For more information, contact companies like 1/2 Price Pallets.


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