Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Keep Your Stainless Steel Balustrade Looking as Good as New

by Benjamin Rice

Stainless steel balustrades and handrails can make a stunning addition to any home or garden, and, with their natural anti-corrosion properties, they are a hardy — as well as aesthetically pleasing — choice. Stainless steel balustrades and handrails offer a modern twist on the traditional staircase inside the home, whereas in the front or rear garden of your property the glistening of stainless steel in the sunshine can be breathtaking.

Despite the naturally hardy nature of stainless steel, in order to keep these incredible design features looking as good as new, it is essential to establish and maintain an adequate cleaning routine for your stainless steel balustrades or handrails. One of the prominent benefits of stainless steel is that it is incredibly easy to keep your shiny balustrades and handrails looking their best, as there are some simple tips you can utilise to make sure that these unique features within your home always look dazzling.

Day-to-day cleaning:

For the routine cleaning of your stainless steel balustrades and handrails, simply use warm water and a cloth. In order to reduce water marks, spots or streaks on the stainless steel, use a dampened microfibre cloth—squeeze it to remove the excess water before wiping over the surface, then follow this step by running a dry cloth over the surface and wiping in the direction of the polish lines of the stainless steel.

For a deeper clean:

If your stainless steel balustrade or handrails need a slightly deeper clean, it is recommended you use a mild detergent — such as washing-up liquid — and a cloth to rub away any persistent marks. However, when using detergent on your stainless steel surfaces, always ensure that you rinse all of the product off of the surface in order to prevent stains or unsightly marks that can be left by the chemicals in the cleaning products.

To remove watermarks:

In areas with particularly 'hard water' — where there is a large amount of calcium in the water — stainless steel can become dulled or streaky after being cleaned. In order to remove these watermarks, simply dilute one part vinegar to three parts water, then use this solution to rinse the stainless steel balustrade or handrail.

Stop fingerprints dulling your shine:

Fingerprints can be an issue with some stainless steel finishes, but they can easily be removed by using a standard household glass cleaner. To remove fingerprints from your stainless steel balustrades or handrails, simply spray the balustrade with glass cleaner and wipe, then ensure you rinse the surface thoroughly with water and towel dry.

Whilst stainless steel balustrades and handrails are generally incredibly easy to keep clean, there are certain items you should never use to clean stainless steel surfaces; these include steel or wool wire brushes — as these can scratch the surface — and cleaners or bleaches containing chlorine or hypochlorite, as these can cause tarnishing or rusting.


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