Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Understanding the Types of Steel Fabrication

by Benjamin Rice

Structural steel is the primary metal used in fabrication due to its durability, flexibility and strength. Fabrication is vital to change steel into usable structures, such as stainless steel machinery. Steel fabrication is the process of converting steel or metal into parts that can be used in the construction and manufacturing industry. The steel fabrication processes include each of the steps listed below.

1. Cutting

Cutting steel to size is necessary. This is the first step in the fabrication process. Machines typically used to cut steel include waterjets, laser systems, plasma systems and press brakes. The use of waterjets is the most cost-effective method of cutting metal. Waterjets work by the use of high-pressure pumps to force water through their nozzle that cuts through the steel. When using plasma and laser cutting, the steel is placed on a table, and the pieces are cut as programmed. Laser systems employ the use of CNC technology that directs the laser beam to cut steel into specific shapes with accuracy. Steel cutting needs to be precise to avoid any errors, and the use of such machines makes accuracy possible.

2. Folding

Sometimes, steel needs to be bent, and this is done by using a brake press. A brake press as a set of dies that pinches the metal to manipulate it and make it move. The use of a brake press, however, is only limited to specific applications due to the shape of the dies and the intended movement of the steel. Folding can also be done manually by use of hammers. It is easier to use two types of fabrication or to combine two different pieces than to manufacture one complicated steel part.

3. Welding

This is the process of combining two parts of metal by using heat to melt the parts into one. Welding is a process of assembling the formed and machined metal pieces. There are different ways to attach metal together depending on the metal used and design of the resulting structure. There are different sources of energy that are suitable for welding, including gas, electricity and laser technology. One common type of welding is shielded arc welding. It employs the use of electricity to melt the base metal and filler metal at the welding point. The electrode is usually manufactured using steel to prevent oxidation of the metal and contamination by carbon dioxide that is produced during the welding process. 


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Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

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