Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Two Suggestions to Follow When Shopping for Sneeze Shields for Your Industrial Facility

by Benjamin Rice

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you are shopping for sneeze shields for your industrial facility.

Choose shields with an anti-fog coating if your staff have to work close to the shields

Not all sneeze shields come with an anti-fog coating; this is because this coating can make a shield more expensive and not all business owners who use this equipment require this special coating. However, if your staff have to work in the area right beside the shields all day long, then you should invest in shields that have anti-fog properties.

If, for example, you'll be erecting the shields around your production line to stop staff from sneezing on the components or products that travel on this line and the shields don't have an anti-fog coating on them, these barriers will fog up regularly when your employees breathe or cough onto them.

If this happens and some of your employees need to be able to see beyond the shield to do their work (for example, if one of them is responsible for supervising the safe movement of items on a production line), then they might be tempted to peer over the shield so they can see the objects that are on the other side of the fogged-up barrier. If they happen to have a sneezing fit when they do this, you might have to dispose of several items that were on the production line at the time this occurred. As such, if you want to protect your materials whilst also enabling your staff to see clearly and do their work, you should get shields that have an anti-fog coating.

Opt for acrylic if you're ordering mobile sneeze shields

If you want your sneeze shields to be portable and so will be ordering mobile ones, you should ensure the ones you order are made of acrylic. Whilst glass versions of this equipment are ideal for areas where the sneeze shields will be permanently fixed in place, acrylic is usually a better option for mobile shields.

The reason for this is that a mobile sneeze shield is much more likely to collide with something or get knocked over than a shield that's permanently secured into one spot. Whilst glass mobile shields are usually made from tempered glass (and so will not cause any serious injuries if they shatter), the breakage of a glass mobile shield could disrupt your employees' workday. Acrylic is less fragile than glass and so is a better choice for a mobile shield. If an acrylic shield topples over or gets hit with an object, it's unlikely to shatter.


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