Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

3 Benefits of Installing a Stainless Steel Water Tank

by Benjamin Rice

If you've decided to buy a metal water tank, then regular steel isn't your only option. You can also buy tanks made from stainless steel. What are the advantages of buying a stainless steel tank?

1. Extra Protection Against Corrosion

Regular steel tanks can be affected by corrosion. They can develop rusty areas that threaten the integrity of the surface.

While you can buy galvanised steel water tanks to mitigate this problem, you still don't get a full guarantee that the steel won't corrode. Galvanisation doesn't protect against corrosion in itself; the tank's surface will also need an anti-rust treatment.

This treatment helps the steel create a protective outer layer that prevents rust from forming. However, if this layer degrades or wears away, then the tank loses its protection.

If you buy a stainless steel tank, then you won't have these corrosion problems. Stainless steel doesn't corrode in the same way as regular steel. It creates its own protective coatings. So you get a robust tank that will last for longer.

Plus, this material is a great option in coastal areas where salt might affect metals. It also works well in environments that expose your tank to substances that might cause corrosion.

2. Better Quality Water

A tank's material can affect the water it contains. For example, if you use a zinc-coated galvanised steel tank, then the top layer of zinc can affect the water's quality and taste. While this might not be a problem if you'll use the water for general purposes, such as irrigation, it can be an issue if you need better water quality.

Stainless steel water tanks don't affect the taste or composition of their stored water. This material is commonly used in food-grade applications. So, if you'll use the water you collect in your home or in clean-processing manufacturing, then stainless steel is the safest option for you.

3. End-of-Life Payback

When you replace an old water tank, you have to find a way to safely dispose of the old tank's materials. You might want to take care not to harm the environment and to use recyclable materials whenever you can.

Stainless steel is perpetually 100% recyclable. This is a very green metal. Plus, its recyclability and the value of its components make it a valuable metal. You should be able to sell an old stainless steel water tank to a scrap metal recycling company. You'll get some money back on your initial investment.

To find out more about stainless steel water tank benefits, get in touch with metal water tanks suppliers.


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