Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

The Benefits Of Laser Cutting

by Benjamin Rice

Laser cutting uses a beam to vaporise the material, creating a cut path. This technology gives engineers, interior designers and artists the freedom to be creative and see their visions materialise. In addition, the technology's compatibility with computer-aided design extends its application range. Here are several reasons to consider laser cutting in your next project. 


Most projects utilise several materials at once. For example, your project might require wood and several metals or alloys. Laser cutters are easy to modify to cut paper, wood, acrylic and medium-density fibre. The cutter also allows you to switch the cutting heads and use combi-heads which push the applications of the machine to derive more value. 

Laser cutters perform a variety of tasks, minimising movement and distractions. For example, the cutter helps mark your cut materials. Laser marking creates a lasting mark such as a logo, data matrix code, alphanumerical serial numbers and VINs. Therefore, the laser cutter helps accomplish a wide variety of tasks on one station, minimising your workload. 


The delay in most projects results from errors and labour-intensive tasks. Laser cutting only requires a single machine operator. Most functions are automatic, especially for machines with feeding systems such as conveyors. The final charges on the customer are significantly low since the production cost is also low. 

Laser cutters are also faster than other methods. For example, you can cut complex shapes quickly without compromising on quality. The speed helps you minimise the time allocated for the material preparation stage of the project. You may also minimise the cost of other consumables, such as grinding discs for surface finishing, due to the accuracy of a laser cutter. 

High-Quality Products

One of the major causes of errors in most machines is worn-out parts. A laser cutter does not come into contact with the material. Instead, the cutting process eliminates friction which could wear out vital parts of the machine. Hence, the laser cutter produces accurate products regardless of age. The device's accuracy prevents rework and poorly fabricated final products. 

The cutting beam produces a tiny burr since the gases assist in removing molten metal from the cut surface. If the burr remains after cutting, especially for thick metal, you can easily clean it and ensure proper surface finishing. Laser cutting also minimises the areas of the surface affected by heat which also increases the accuracy of your parts. 

Laser cutting is versatile, cost-effective and results in high-quality products. For more information on laser cutting, contact a professional near you.


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Concrete Pavers: Ideas, Inspiration and Information

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